Fri May 25, 2012

High Gas Prices Won't Deter Colorado Drivers This Weekend

Nearly 35 million Americans expected to hit the road this weekend, according to AAA forecast
FontShopInternational Creative Commons/Flickr

AAA Colorado is predicting a slight uptick in car travel this Memorial Day weekend, saying roughly 2.7 million people in Colorado and surrounding states will drive 50 miles or more.

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Tue May 22, 2012
The Two-Way

U.S.-Bound Passenger Jet Diverted Due To 'Security Issue' On Board

Originally published on Tue May 22, 2012 12:47 pm

There was a "security issue" aboard a US Airways flight from Paris to Charlotte, N.C., earlier today, and the plane was diverted to Maine's Bangor International Airport, where it landed around noon ET.

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Wed May 16, 2012
Around the Nation

Atlanta Opens New International Air Terminal

Originally published on Wed May 16, 2012 4:47 am



A new international terminal opens today at the Atlanta Airport. Hartsfield-Jackson International is already the busiest airport in the world. And the new terminal reflects a big by the business capital of the South to become a bigger global player. Georgia wants to attract more international business. NPR's Kathy Lohr has the story.

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Tue May 15, 2012
National Security

Why Do Terrorists So Often Go For Planes?

Originally published on Tue May 15, 2012 2:22 pm

Despite the multiple layers of security at airports, terrorists still often target planes. But terrorism analysts say they are also concerned about soft targets. Here, a Transportation Security Administration agent looks at an identity card at the Portland International Airport earlier this month.
Rick Bowmer AP

Ever since the Sept. 11 attacks, airports have probably been the most heavily guarded sites when it comes to preventing terrorist attacks.

And yet the most recent terrorism plot in Yemen involved an attempt to blow up a U.S. airliner with a bomber wearing a difficult-to-detect explosive bomb in his underwear, according to U.S. officials.

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Tue May 15, 2012
NPR Story

The Last Word In business

Originally published on Tue May 15, 2012 7:51 am



And our last word in business: the passenger door is now closed. Please make sure all your electronic devices have been switched off.

If you're sick of those rules on planes, well, they may be changing a bit. Virgin Atlantic has announced passengers on their new Airbus will soon be able to chat on their mobile phones.

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