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Mon November 12, 2012
Arts & Culture

Documentary: "Not Just Native History, This is American History"

Rocky Mountain PBS

Urban Rez is a documentary that explores the history and modern-day effects of 1950s policies that encouraged American Indians to leave their homelands to relocate to urban areas across the country, including Denver.

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Wed September 26, 2012


Sun July 1, 2012

The Search For A Drug To Treat West Nile And Its Viral Cousins

Brian Geiss, a professor at Colorado State University, operating a computer that controls a plate reader used to speed along initial drug testing.
Jessica McDonald KUNC

With pools of mosquitoes confirmed to be carrying West Nile Virus across Colorado, West Nile season is officially here. If you get infected, though, don’t expect to run to the pharmacy. A pair of local researchers is trying to change that.

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Sat May 12, 2012

Congratulations Spring Graduates

Part of graduation is always smiling for pictures with the family
Dave Dennis

This weekend is commencement for spring graduates at both Colorado State University and the University of Colorado. The University of Northern Colorado graduated their spring class last weekend. Congratulations to all of the graduates!

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Mon August 29, 2011

Enrollment on the Rise at Colorado Universities

More students are heading back to college and graduate school this fall. Initial reports from across Colorado show that student enrollment is up.
Wikiemedia Commons

As college students settle in for the fall semester, classrooms across the state are becoming more and more crowded. Colorado State University in Fort Collins and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs are reporting record numbers of incoming freshman.

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