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Tue September 13, 2011

Census: 2010 Saw Poverty Rate Increase, Income Drop

Originally published on Wed September 14, 2011 1:33 am

The nation's poverty rate rose last year to 15.1 percent, up from 14.3 in 2009, according to a new report from the Census Bureau.
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The nation's poverty rate rose last year to 15.1 percent, the highest level in 17 years, according to new data from the Census Bureau. The agency's latest poverty report, released Tuesday, shows that 46 million people were poor and that the median income dropped last year by more than two percent to about $49,445.

Not unexpectedly, the continued lack of jobs was the main cause.

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Thu September 8, 2011

Ballots to Stay English-only, For Now

Sixteen Colorado counties will print ballots in English only for this November’s election, after a federal mandate to have them printed in both English and Spanish failed to materialize in time.

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Fri February 25, 2011
Colorado Inside Out

How Census Data will Affect Colorado

This week's host Patricia Calhoun
Colorado Public Television

Data from the 2010 Census released this week, showed some big changes in Colorado.  It’s one of the topics our media partners at Colorado Public Television and Colorado Inside Out are discussing. Here’s host Patricia Calhoun.


Thu February 24, 2011
Census Count

Boulder May Challenge Census Count

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City leaders in Boulder challenged U.S. Census Bureau data ten years ago and they may do it again following newly released numbers that place the city’s population below their own estimate.

Boulder's population has grown 2.9 % from the 2000 count but city leaders say the official 2010 count and an earlier estimate from the Census Bureau are nowhere close to matching. City planner Chris Meschuk expected a difference– but not as much as what came out this week.

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Tue December 21, 2010
Around the Nation

Census Data Will Reshape U.S. Political Landscape

States in the South and West gained residents — and political clout — at the expense of the Midwest and East, according to new census figures that will change the nation's political makeup.

The 2010 Census Bureau report, released Tuesday, officially put the U.S. population at 308.7 million, reflecting the lowest growth since the Great Depression. Texas and Nevada led the way, reinforcing a decades-long shift away from the traditional manufacturing belt and toward warmer regions of the country.

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