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Wed July 18, 2012

Abound Solar Executives Grilled During Oversight Committee Hearing

An Abound solar installation in Ft. Collins CO.
Abound Solar screencapture/abound.com

Executives of the now bankrupt Longmont-based Abound Solar faced tough questions by US House Republicans Wednesday during testimony before an Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee.

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Thu July 12, 2012

CSU Awarded Competitive Grant for Natural Gas Technology

A vehicle fills up at a CNG filling station in California
pgegreenenergy Creative Commons/Flickr


Thu January 26, 2012

Panel Charts Path To New Home For Nuclear Waste

Without a centralized national repository for nuclear waste, the radioactive material is currently being kept at various sites across the country. Above, large concrete canisters, each holding 14 55-gallon drums of waste, are loaded on a truck in Richland, Wash., in June 2005 where they were later shipped to a facility in New Mexico.
Jeff T. Green Getty Images

A panel of experts today set forth a plan for getting rid of thousands of tons of highly radioactive nuclear waste.

Most of it is spent fuel from nuclear power reactors. It was supposed to go to a repository in Nevada called Yucca Mountain, but the government has abandoned that plan.

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Tue November 15, 2011

DOE Grant Helps CSU Students Learn While Improving Business Efficiency

Michael Kostrzewa, senior research associate in mechanical engineering talking with students about sawmill operations during an assessment to a lumber company in Saguache.
Colorado State University

The U.S. Department of Energy is continuing to fund a program at Colorado State University that connects mechanical engineering students with manufacturing companies for energy efficiency assessments and recommendations.

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Mon April 25, 2011

With One Year of Stimulus Left, Low-Income Weatherization Industry Looks to Future

Veterans Green Jobs’ Jordan Latva installs sheet metal, isolating a pipe that transports hot furnace gases. The work is done before blowing additional insulation material into the attic of a low-income home.
Veterans Green Jobs

If you want to see stimulus dollars at work, take a visit to the Denver-based nonprofit Veterans Green Jobs. Two and a half years ago, the organization that trains veterans in things like home energy audits occupied just three office cubicles. Today, it’s situated in a 90,000 square-foot office with 85 full-time employees. 

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