Thu August 9, 2012

The President And Women’s Health [VIDEO Of Full Remarks]

Screencap from the President's campaign speech at the Auraria campus in Denver from August 8th.

President Barack Obama kicked off a four stop tour of Colorado yesterday at the Auraria campus in downtown Denver. During a roughly 20 minute speech the president focused more on women’s health issues than the economy.

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Wed August 8, 2012
Shots - Health Blog

Internet's Cat Obsession Justifies Itself In Cancer Ward

Originally published on Thu August 9, 2012 9:06 am

Maga Barzallo Sockemtickem, 16, received a bone-marrow transplant at Seattle Children's Hospital in 2011 for leukemia and returned in July 2012 for follow-up treatment. On July 25, an artist at the hospital set up a cat photo installation in her room.
Courtesy of Seattle Children's Hospital

We're not sure it's ever been studied, but we're willing to bet that the glut of cute animal photos on the Internet is a testament to their soothing effect on the human mind.

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Wed August 8, 2012


Wed August 8, 2012
The Two-Way

Sweet Story: Bear Breaks Into Candy Shop, Feasts; Camera Captures It All

The bear burglar.
Estes Park News

So, a bear walks into a candy shop.

No, we're not starting a bad joke.

Last week in Estes Park, Colo., a black bear with a sweet tooth took advantage of a candy shop's defective front door to walk in and out seven times over 20 minutes — each time taking some of the treats outside and then coming back in to enjoy more.

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Wed August 8, 2012
It's All Politics

Missouri's Claire McCaskill Gets Clarity On Her Opponent, If Not Her Future

Originally published on Wed August 8, 2012 11:05 am

The Missouri Republican primary win by Rep. Todd Akin gives Sen. Claire McCaskill, the Democrat, the choice she seemed to prefer.
Jeff Roberson AP

The only sure thing for Sen. Claire McCaskill, the embattled Missouri Democrat trying to remain in the Senate, is that she now knows who her challenger will be this fall: U.S. Rep. Todd Akin.

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