Sat March 31, 2012
Marc On The Blues

A Preview Of The 2012 Greeley Blues Jam

Greeley Blues Jam

A set of the blues and the lineup of the 2012 Greeley Blues Jam, that's tonight on the Nine O’clock Blues...

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Fri March 30, 2012
Middle East

To Keep Protesters Away, Egypt's Police Put Up Walls

After clashes between protesters and security forces, Cairo's police erected walls to keep demonstrators away from the Interior Ministry. Street artists then painted this wall across Sheik Rihan Street.
Mohammed Hossam AFP/Getty Images

Egypt's revolution has brought with it unrest, including clashes in Cairo in the areas around the Interior Ministry, a hated symbol of the former regime.

After five days of skirmishes in early February, Cairo's police chiefs ordered the construction of a series of 10-foot walls, seven of them in all, to block off access to the ministry.

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Fri March 30, 2012

Weekend Audition: Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer and Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer

Tracy Grammer Red House Records

For your weekend listening, a pair of Folk/Americana pairs...

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Fri March 30, 2012
It's All Politics

RNC's 'Doctored' And Panned SCOTUS Ad Gets Noticed Which Was Goal

Originally published on Fri March 30, 2012 12:39 pm

RNC wed ad screenshot

The Republican National Committee's anti-"Obamacare" ad which edited audio of this week's Supreme Court oral arguments to accentuate the pause taken by the Obama administration's lawyer as he began his defense of the law, continued to get significant attention Friday, much of it negative, two days after it first went up on YouTube.

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Thu March 29, 2012
The Two-Way

Maryland's Batman Looks Like A Real Hero

The Caped Crusader, about to get into his Batmobile.

After the news broke that police in Montgomery County, Md., last week stopped Batman for not having the correct plates on his Batmobile, many naturally wanted to know more about the man behind that mask.

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