Sun March 11, 2012

Life At Jefferson's Monticello, As His Slaves Saw It

Isaac Granger was an enslaved blacksmith at Monticello. Jefferson made Granger's father, George Granger Sr., Monticello's overseer, the only enslaved man to rise to that position and to receive an annual wage.
Special Collections, University of Virginia Library

Thomas Jefferson's very existence was shaped and enabled by slavery. Slaves placed newborn Thomas in his cradle, and slaves comforted the former president on his deathbed.

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Sat March 10, 2012
Weekend Audition

Entering a Trance....

Singer-songwriter Zee Avi / bi-photo by Pete Foley /

Bornean-born Zee Avi immerses herself into singing and dancing and drumming -- in her song, "Concrete Wall." Music can put you in a trance....

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Fri March 9, 2012
The Salt

Is It Safe To Eat 'Pink Slime'?

Originally published on Thu March 27, 2014 7:48 am

"Lean, finely textured meat" made from beef trimmings is often added to ground beef as a cheap filler
Daniel Acker Landov

"Pink slime" has been oozing back into headlines in recent weeks after McDonalds, followed by other fast food chains, announced it had stopped using beef trimmings to fill out its hamburgers.

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Fri March 9, 2012


Thu March 8, 2012
Winter Songs

Winter Songs: A Family In Limbo Looks To Brandi Carlile

Originally published on Thu March 8, 2012 4:11 pm

Brandi Carlile's song "Dying Day" took on new meaning for a Wisconsin woman hoping to adopt a child from Ethiopia.
Courtesy of the artist