Thu November 10, 2011
Listener Home Movies

Dan Braun @ The WC20 Concerts

Dan & Margaret in Philadelphia, taking in some sights in-between the three WC20 anniversary concerts.
Dan Braun

October was a month long celebration of 20 years of the World Cafe that cumulated with a weekend of amazing concerts. KUNC Member Dan Braun won an opportunity to see these shows up close and personal; so we tossed him a camera and sent him on his way. Check out his video from the shows and an incredible performance from Dawes with Mumford & Sons!

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Mon November 7, 2011

What's New This Week on KUNC Music

New this week to KUNC Music: The Decemberists' new EP, Katie Herzig, and an artist you are familiar with but may not know the name of, Jim Keller. Be sure to tune in M-F from 9-Noon to KUNC Music.

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Mon November 7, 2011
Arts & Culture

Where Art and Science Collide: James Balog

Since 2007, the photographic project Extreme Ice Survey has captured the retreat of glaciers across the world from Greenland to Alaska. The still and time-lapse images are a remarkably vivid reminder of how climate change impacts nature. The man behind EIS, James Balog, will speak tonight and tomorrow night at Colorado State University about his work. 

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Wed November 2, 2011

Eric Cornell- Seven Years with One Arm

Eric Cornell, along with Carl Wieman, synthesized the first Bose–Einstein condensate in 1995. They both share a 2001 Nobel Prize for Physics with Wolfgang Ketterle. Courtesy of the Cornell Group

He knows he woke up in a hospital, but he doesn’t remember it. He recalls wondering if his arm was wrapped in gauze, out of sight beneath the sheets. Then he realized. His left arm and shoulder had been amputated in a last ditch effort to save his life.

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Sat October 29, 2011
Music Videos

Weekend Audition: Tori Amos

Tori Amos's newest project, Night of Hunters, tells a modern love story that is only unraveled after a journey to Ireland's mythic past. 

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