Waldo Canyon Fire


Wed June 27, 2012

Evacuees Pushed By Growing Waldo Canyon Fire

A tanker performing a retardant drop over the Waldo Canyon fire by Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. Photo taken June 24th.
Mark Byzewski Flickr - Creative Commons

The massive 15,324 acre Waldo Canyon Fire has raced into Colorado Springs' suburbia, destroying scores of homes and sending 32,000 residents fleeing the flames.

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Wed June 27, 2012
The Two-Way

'Epic' Wildfire Sends Tens Of Thousands Scrambling For Safety In Colorado

Originally published on Wed June 27, 2012 4:17 pm

Flames from the Waldo Canyon Fire glowed on the western side of Colorado Springs, Colo., Tuesday night.
Bryan Oller AP

"A firestorm of epic proportions" continues to threaten Colorado Springs, Colo., as more than 1,000 firefighters battle flames that by midday had forced more than 26,000 people to flee their homes.

It was local Fire Chief Rich Brown who called the inferno epic Tuesday night. Today, Lt. Jeff Kramer of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office said it's an event "that is certainly unprecedented in this city," The Denver Post reports.

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Wed June 27, 2012

Red Zone: Policies Put More Coloradans at Risk

Tom Scanlan, right, surveys the damage to his home and property in the Kuehster Road neighborhood near Aspen Park, Colo., with Bruce Ellis on June 7, 2012.
Michael Kodas I-News
  • Morning Edition Host Emily Boyer interviews I-News' Michael Kodas & Burt Hubbard

The number of wildfires in Colorado has exploded during the past decade. So has the number of people living in high-risk fire zones.

And public policies for dealing with both actually risk making the state’s fire danger even worse, an I-News Network investigation found.

In the past two decades, a quarter million people have moved into Colorado’s red zones – the parts of the state at risk for the most dangerous wildfires. Today, one of every four Colorado homes is in a red zone.

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Tue June 26, 2012

Flagstaff Mountain Fire Threatens Homes, NCAR in Boulder

The Flagstaff Fire, as seen over the Flatiron mountains Tuesday, is believed to have been sparked by lightning.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

While the Waldo Canyon Fire exploded again in Colorado Springs Tuesday, firefighters in Boulder also had their hands full with a new wildfire that forced mandatory evacuations for homes on Flagstaff Mountain. 

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Tue June 26, 2012

See Five Colorado Wildfires From Space

A satellite photo of Colorado from June 23rd. Click on photo to enlarge. Fires are outlined in red.
Jesse Allen NASA Earth Observatory