Weld County


Tue July 9, 2013

For The Politically Disenfranchised: A New State Or A Change At The Legislature?

A view inside the dome of the Colorado state capitol.
Kent Landerholm Creative Commons

Weld County Commissioners will now float two ideas at upcoming community meetings aimed at addressing what they say is a growing feeling of rural disenfranchisement from the political process.

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Mon July 1, 2013


Thu June 27, 2013
Business Report

Drilling Boom Fuels Weld County Property Values

An Instagram photo of an oil and gas well along the Colorado Front Range.
Kirk Siegler KUNC File Photo


Wed June 26, 2013


Mon June 17, 2013

Health Care Hot-Spotting Targets The Sickest Patients

As healthcare costs continue to balloon, medical professionals all over Colorado are increasingly turning to healthcare hot-spotting -- that is, using data to target the sickest patients who are costing the most money via unnecessary visits to the ER, etc
Army Medicine Flickr - Creative Commons

Rebecca Yanes recently joined an elite club. It’s not a club she wanted to join. In fact, it’s one that some health professionals across Colorado and the country are working to shut down.

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