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Thu September 12, 2013

Weld County Officials Keeping An Eye On Water Levels

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From the Greeley Tribune: “The rivers are rising, so those are things we need to be cautious of,” said Roy Rudisill, director of the Weld County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management, while monitoring flooding threats in the south portion of the county this morning. “If the weather keeps going like this, we may need to start opening shelters, or options for residents.”
Source: Greeleytribune
Flooding threats in Weld County seem to be centered in the south portion of the county for now, but emergency responders are closely monitoring all river areas, with a keen memory of the weeklong flooding that created havoc three years ago. For now, most of Weld is flood free, but that could change quickly.


Tue September 10, 2013

Weld County Commissioners Stand Firm On 51st State Initiative

Weld County Commissioners

As 51st state movements gather more attention nationwide, Weld County Commissioners are aiming to give the Colorado movement a ‘platform and a voice.’

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Sun August 25, 2013

What's The Cost Of The 51st State Movement?

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Interesting 51st state factoids: The new state would be the least-populous in the Union, with almost 60% the population of Wyoming. It would also have many of Colorado's best ag lands and most of its oil and gas production.
Source: Denverpost
If it's attention the northeastern Colorado counties threatening secession wanted, they've got it. Weld County officials irked by action during the Democrat-dominated legislative session recruited 10 other counties to the idea of leaving the state to form their own.


Wed August 21, 2013

A Big Week For Secession Talk In Colorado

A sign-up sheet and bumper stickers clutter a table at a July 31 public meeting on secession in Ault.
Grace Hood KUNC

Off-year elections aren’t known for excitement. But frustrations around everything from gun control legislation to a growing rural-urban divide in Colorado will make for some interesting debate this fall.

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Mon August 19, 2013