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Fri December 7, 2012
Oil & Gas

Report: Natural Gas Exports Would Benefit U.S. Economy

Flaring of unwanted hydrocarbons at a natural gas refinery in the Piceance Basin of Colorado.
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Tue February 14, 2012
KUNC News Blog

Budget Debate Centers on Energy

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Oil and gas companies doing business here in the West have sparred quite a bit with the Obama Administration since it took office in 2009… the now tabled “Wild Lands” policy is just one of the heated issues that comes to mind.

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Mon July 11, 2011

New Report Says U.S. Can Wean Itself from Foreign Oil; Conservationists Cry Foul

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A new report finds that within the next decade, the American West has the chance to produce as much oil and natural gas as the U.S. currently imports from other countries. But, energy advocates say there are some challenges.

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