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Fri January 4, 2013

Vestas Cuts Hours At Another Colorado Plant

A digital renditon of a Vestas wind turbine

Danish wind turbine maker Vestas is cutting the workweek to 24 hours for its Pueblo factory workers due to an industry slowdown caused by the delay in extending the Wind Tax Credit.

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Thu January 3, 2013

Wind Industry Secures Tax Credit, But Damage May Be Done

Originally published on Thu January 3, 2013 4:10 pm

Wind turbines dwarf a church near Wilson, Kan. Although Congress voted to extend a wind energy tax credit, the temporary uncertainty dealt a blow to the industry.
Charlie Riedel AP

The wind energy industry is dependent on something even more unpredictable than wind: Congress. Hidden in the turmoil over the "fiscal cliff" compromise was a tax credit for wind energy.

Uncertainty over the credit had lingered long before the last-minute political push, causing the industry to put off further long-term planning. So while the now-approved tax credit revives prospects for an industry facing tens of thousands of layoffs, don't expect to see many new turbines coming up soon.

Growing Uncertainty

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Wed January 2, 2013

How Algae Got a Boost from the Fiscal Cliff Deal

Tara Schumacher, a Ph.D. grad student in Ken Reardon’s lab, looks through a microscope surrounded by flasks of different algae strains.
Colorado State University

Wind isn’t the only alternative energy industry to get a boost from the Fiscal Cliff deal. Also included is a tax credit for algae growers encouraging biofuel production that could one day power cars and boats.

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Tue January 1, 2013


Sat December 15, 2012