Tue January 4, 2011

Bringing The Bard Behind Bars In South Africa

South Africa has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world, with roughly 1 in 300 people behind bars. This has inspired a growing number of prison outreach programs. In Cape Town, one such program isn't turning criminals into angels. But it's helping rehabilitate young men -- and apparently producing some fine actors.

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Tue December 28, 2010
Strange News

Batman Movie Inspires Armored Vehicle Design

A British defense contractor has a new concept for a fast-moving armored vehicle. Batman fans might say it looks very familiar. A project leader at BAE Systems happily admitted that the armored vehicle is inspired by the Batmobile in the movie Dark Knight. 


Tue December 14, 2010

Sudan Vote Could Make A New Nation, A War, Or Both

The people of Southern Sudan will choose next month whether to break up Africa's biggest state into north and south and create the world's newest nation. Much is at stake, including most of Sudan's oil reserves and -- potentially -- peace in one of the continent's more volatile countries.

The biggest question looming as the Jan. 9 referendum approaches: Will the north and its Arab-led government let the mostly ethnic-African south go without more bloodshed?

These days, an air of melancholy hangs over Khartoum, Sudan's dusty desert capital.

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Thu November 25, 2010

U.S. Student Convicted Of Murder In Italy Appeals

The American student Amanda Knox, convicted in Italy of murdering her British roommate, started an appeal against her conviction and sentence Wednesday. The judge in the northern town of Perugia will decide whether to accept the defense's request for a complete review of all the evidence and a request for new witnesses. A positive ruling could signal a possible reduction of Knox's 26-year prison sentence.


Wed November 24, 2010

Portugal May Be Next To Need EU Rescue Package

Striking unions in Portugal are protesting the government's austerity measures. Parliament is expected to vote on the plan Friday. Portugal is one of the European countries facing massive problems caused by its national debt. Many Portuguese are angered by the government's plans to freeze pensions and cut the wages of civil servants by five percent.