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Mon October 10, 2011

Military Lags on Promising Treatment for Brain-injured Soldiers

Army veteran Margaux Vair, with her husband, Brian Vair, in background.
Robert D. Tonsing Colorado Public News

Two years after assuring Congress it would immediately begin researching a promising treatment for soldiers with traumatic brain injuries, the military is just getting started.

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Wed October 5, 2011

Many Obese Coloradans Don’t Recognize They’ve Tipped That Scale

Maggie Murphy had struggled with her weight for years, but never really understood how serious her problem was until last January. That’s when a doctor looked at her 5’5, 187-pound frame and declared her clinically obese.

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Wed September 21, 2011

It’s Time For A Deal On A Flu Shot

Colorado Public News

You may want to shop around for your flu shot this fall, because businesses are competing for the opportunity to sell you one.

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Tue September 13, 2011
Colorado Public News

Focus on the Family Says it's Talking to Abortion Rights Groups

Focus on the Family President Jim Daly, a leading opponent of abortion, has been meeting with abortion rights groups to look for common ground to reduce the number of abortions.

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Thu July 28, 2011

Coloradans Urged to Tax Sugar Drinks to Cut Obesity

Creative Commons

Some 400 Colorado health care leaders heard a call Thursday for a tax on sugared drinks as a means of reducing obesity – and raising revenues.

A tax of one cent per ounce would raise the price of a two-liter bottle by 67 cents. That could as much as double the price of a bottle.

The higher price would prompt consumers to reduce their buying by 10 to 23 percent, Yale University food expert Kelly Brownell told the Colorado Health Symposium in Keystone.

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