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East of the Mountains is based on the best-selling novel by David Guterson. It's about a retired surgeon who learns he has terminal cancer then returns to his boyhood home in Washington state. For KUNC film critic Howie Movshovitz, who teaches film and television at CU Denver, the movie takes unexpected turns, but still employs clichés about elderly people.
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  • After more than three years, a Honduran mother is granted freedom. Vicky Chavez and her two daughters took sanctuary inside First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City to avoid deportation. Thursday, she announced she’s been granted a stay of removal by U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • Last week, the Biden administration unveiled its budget plan for managing federal public lands, and it contains big funding increases that reflect the administration's priorities around conservation and climate change.
  • Wide open spaces, like much of Wyoming, are known to be strongholds for pollinators like butterflies. They often contain critical habitat and food resources, far away from the disturbance of human civilization. But it turns out even those areas are under threat.
  • The Montana Legislature has passed a bill that would loosen regulations around killing grizzlies in Montana, and it's headed to the governor's desk. It's already legal in Montana to kill a grizzly in self-defense or if the bear is "in the act" of killing livestock. The new bill would allow a grizzly to be harmed or killed if a bear is "threatening" livestock.
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