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Calling for Questions on North Korea

The growing conflict over North Korea's nuclear weapons program has been at the top of the news for the past few weeks. But the roots of the conflict run deep.

For 50 years, soldiers along the border between the North and South have kept a nervous vigil. The conflict on the Korean peninsula, which brought the U.S. and China to the brink of war in the early 1950s, was never formally ended by a declaration of peace.

Now's your chance to ask your own questions, and have your question played back on the air. Next week, All Things Considered will answer listener questions about North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong Il. For instance:

• How long has Kim Jong Il been in power?
• How do North Koreans view his leadership?
• What's life like inside North Korea?
• How do other countries in Asia think the current tensions should be resolved?
• What is the state of the nuclear weapons program in North Korea?

Here's how to place a question:

Call our All Things Considered question line -- 202-898-2395.

Remember, we're looking for questions, not opinions. And to better ensure good audio quality, please call using a land line, not a cell phone.

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