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Demi's 'Muhammad'

The children's books by the author and artist who goes by just one name -- Demi -- are works of art. With brilliant jewel-toned colors, intricate patterns and gold leaf on every page, the books look like they belong on a museum wall instead of in a children's playroom.

Her latest book, Muhammad, is the story of the prophet and an explanation of the creation of Islam and the Koran. Yet Demi faced the challenge of writing and illustrating a biography about someone who's image she couldn't portray, out of respect for the religion's beliefs. She decided to draw only his outline only, blending him to the background on some pages or using gold foil to represent his shape on others.

Demi, who was born Charlotte Dumaresq Hunt, has created many children's books, but her recent choices center on tales with strong spiritual underpinnings, such as King Midas, Gandhi and the Emperor's New Clothes. NPR's Michele Norris, host of All Things Considered talks with Demi about her work.

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