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Elizabeth Edwards: Campaigning with Cancer

When former Sen. John Edwards announced in March that his wife, Elizabeth, had had a recurrence of breast cancer, the news threatened to dominate — and perhaps end — his presidential bid. But five months later, Mrs. Edwards is an active presence on the campaign trail.

Edwards discusses the challenges and joys of campaigning with her two young children in tow.

She says that growing up in a military family helps her when she talks about the war in Iraq and its impact on those in the service and at home.

"I think I get a little more credibility on these issues," Edwards tells Renee Montagne. She adds, "So I can talk about the war, or about how we're not doing what we need to do for our veterans, how we completely forget military families... So people will listen to me on that."

Mrs. Edwards hopes her husband's opponents don't hold back on attacking her because of her cancer.

"I hope that they're not avoiding the dialogue because of my health condition. That should absolutely be inconsequential in having this important discussion."

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