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Police Release Timeline Of Arizona Shootings


From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Robert Siegel.


And, Martin, let's start with a revised timeline which was released today by the sheriff's office.

MARTIN KASTE: What they're doing is they're filling in more of the white space, the gaps in the time leading up to the attack, especially the night before the shooting. That's where we're getting the most new information.

F: And as we've reported earlier, we know more about the morning here. That morning then, he was stopped running a red light. He got off with a warning. He then had a run-in with his father early in the morning, took off running. His father chased him but didn't catch him. And then a little later, he called the taxicab, which allegedly took him to the scene of the crime.

NORRIS: Martin, reaching back to that night before the shootings, do we know anything more about those photos?

KASTE: Well, the photos, that's the newest piece that's come in here this afternoon that's quite fascinating. The photos are apparently in the possession of the FBI. They're not releasing them - at least for now - but sources are telling NPR that the photos are lewd, that they show Loughner in a red G-string and holding a Glock pistol near his crotch and by his buttocks. So far, we have not seen those photos.

NORRIS: Does this new information change the overall narrative of this story?

KASTE: Well, what it adds is this frenetic activity the night before the attack. Just the fact that he was staying in a motel and not at home, that raises some questions by itself about what kind of warning, if any, his parents might have had that he was acting strangely.

NORRIS: Martin, before we let you go, can you please give us a quick update on Congresswoman Giffords and her condition?

KASTE: And one of the staffers I talked to today - one of her congressional staffers who was also wounded, Pam Simon - told me that she visited Giffords in the hospital and held her hand. And when Giffords' husband told her who it was, who was there visiting her, she squeezed her hand quite significantly - very obviously in a form of greeting to her. So that was greeted as great news by the staffers in her district office.

NORRIS: Martin, thank you very much.

KASTE: You're welcome.

NORRIS: That's NPR's Martin Kaste in Tucson. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.