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Novelist Carl Hiaasen Plays Not My Job

Some people describe places in a way that makes you dream of going there. Who wouldn't want to visit Norman Maclean's Montana, or Armisted Maupin's San Francisco ... or Sarah Palin's Alaska?

And then there's Carl Hiaasen's South Florida. Hiaasen writes about South Florida so vividly and with such realism, it's a miracle that anyone visits there at all. He's documented Florida's rush to the apocalypse in dozens of novels, including Strip Tease, Skin Tight and the Newbery Honor-winning Hoot.

Hiaasen has lived in Florida his whole life, so the only way he knows the seasons are changing is by watching the waxing and waning of old people from the Northeast on the beach. We've invited Hiaasen to play a game called "Where we're from, frozen water falls from the sky." Three questions about how people in the Northern climes enjoy themselves in the winter.

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