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Day 10: Son Lux Takes Up Guitar For Album-In-A-Month Project

NOTE: All this month, we're tracking the artist known as Son Lux (Ryan Lott) as he writes and records an entire album from start to finish. Previous posts: Day One, Day Three, Day Four, Day Eight.

Yesterday I pulled out a guitar, which is a relatively rare thing in Son Lux world. On At War With Walls and Mazes, I played guitar in only one track, "Break." This is a little different. Check it out:

And this video captures the scene at my studio during my first session, which was on Day Three. In this clip, I'm working on layering violin arpeggios over Sketch 1, which you can hear sans violin in an earlier post. Specifically, I created two simple chord progressions that, when played simultaneously, create a new composite progression of polychords.

And, yes, the music in this video is a new sketch! Time to start pulling all these sketches into real songs...

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Ryan Lott