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Photo: Abbey Lincoln

A Blog Supreme is out of the office. Until our return, we are leaving you with some photographs from The NPR Jazz Photography Pool, like the one below. Photographer writes:

The photo was taken in the early '90s (1992, I think) at the North Sea Jazz Festival which at that time was held in Den Haag, Holland. She is one of my all-time favorite jazz vocalists. Someone I feel did not get enough recognition for her amazing way with a lyric. I suppose she was overshadowed by by the two towering talents of Billie and Ella.

She had just seen half her audience leave to go see someone else (lots of overlapping gigs at the North Sea Jazz Festival) and was a bit shaken by this experience. So she launched into a song immediately to hold what remained of her audience. At the end of her song there was a huge influx of people and the hall filled up again. A very unnerving experience for an artist perhaps on her first visit to the NSJF.

Here's the original, and a link to Des McMahon's Flickr photostream. Feel free to contribute your jazz shots to the NPR Jazz Flickr group.

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