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Josh Ritter Writes Novel, Releases Chapter 1 For Free

The cover to Josh Ritter's debut novel, <em>Bright's Passage</em>.
Courtesy of the artist
The cover to Josh Ritter's debut novel, Bright's Passage.

Josh Ritter has been telling stories brilliantly with a guitar and a terrific band for a long time, and now the 34-year-old singer has written his first novel. The book is titled Bright's Passage, and you can download the first chapter here:

I'll interview Ritter about his novel, how it differs from storytelling in song and more at SXSW's Interactive Conference (Austin Convention Center Ballroom G) on Tuesday, March 14. I'm halfway through the book and loving it.

Here's a note from Josh Ritter to fans about his novel.

Hey All!

Here's the first chapter to my first novel, Bright's Passage. Wow! It makes me very proud to write that! Right now, I'm sitting on the floor in Penn Station in New York, waiting for a train to Philadelphia, where I'm to play a solo show. There are so many places a story can be told. Over the past year and a half, in airport bars and laundromats, tour buses and kitchens, I've been telling myself the story of Henry Bright and his world. A story that started as a song is now a world inhabited by characters that are still surprising to me. I'm so happy to begin to present that world to others. Great thanks goes, as ever, to my family and my music family, my new friends at the Dial Press, and all of those whose generosity of will made this book possible.

Finally, thanks to all of you for your continued belief in my writing, whatever form it may take. I never forget who it is that makes all of this possible in the end.

As ever, rock on!

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