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Ivory Coast People Face A 'Hostile Environment'


What is your sense about what happened in the vicinity of the Golf Hotel?

MARCO CHOWN OVED: But speaking today with advisers in Ouattara's government and other people who are there at the Golf Hotel, they say under no means was the Golf itself even under attack. And the reports of one peacekeeper who was injured, that seems to have been a stray bullet.

WERTHEIMER: Now, has Gbagbo been seen or heard from? Does anybody know where he is now? Is he talking?

CHOWN OVED: He doesn't look like he's going to be giving up anytime soon. And if anything, he seems to have at least temporarily turned the tables.

WERTHEIMER: If Abidjan is turning into a battleground, what is the reaction from people there? What's happening to the people who live in Abidjan?

CHOWN OVED: And even as corpses litter the street, they haven't been gathered up yet. And the sort of evidence of pillaging - the burnt cars and smashed storefronts - people are still venturing out into this very hostile and dangerous environment in order to find what's necessary to keep on going.

WERTHEIMER: Thank you very much.

CHOWN OVED: Thank you. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.