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Teacher Effectivness Rules Now in the Hands of Education Board

Photo Courtesey of the Colorado Department of Education

The State Council for Educator Effectiveness has given 60 recommendations to the State Board of Education.  The board will now review those and make rules governing how to measure effective teachers.

The 15-member council has been working for over a year gathering input from educators, administrators and the public on what a new statewide teacher and principal evaluation system should look like.  Now they have given those recommendations to the board of education.

“They’ll come back in May and provide some direction to their staff about how closely they want their rules to reflect the recommendations from the council,” says Council Vice-Chair Nina Lopez.

The board isn’t required to adopt the council’s recommendations, but is required to at least consider them.  The push for educator effectiveness is being touted as helping make sure kids have the best opportunities possible.

“We’re not going to get different and better results for our kids unless we make sure that every single adult in the building is doing an effective job,” says Lopez.

The State Board of Education will release final rules in November, and those will be subject to legislative approval in 2012.  The Educator Effectiveness Council will continue its work, by monitoring the new evaluation system and coming up with rules for an appeals process for teachers deemed ineffective.