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Tea Party Groups Rally at Colorado Capitol

Even though taxes aren’t actually due until Monday, a couple hundred Tea Party activists descended on the state capitol Friday to mark the traditional tax filing day with a renewed call for limited government.

While protesters held the requisite signs like “Stop the Spending” and “Abort DC, Save Freedom,” a lot of the meat of the rally was strategy, and how Tea Party activists can better craft their message to counter what they say is a progressive, even socialist agenda of some Democrats.

Jon Caldera, president of the Golden-based Libertarian think-tank the Independence Institute, said the Tea Party once lacked a clear strategy, but that’s changing. 

Caldera said Tea Partiers could learn from liberals.

"They have a long-term vision, they look not at the next election, and the next decade and the next decade after that," Caldera said.

And speaking of the other side of the political spectrum, the Colorado AFL-CIO also marked the traditional tax day date by sending out an email blast saying that large businesses pay little if any corporate taxes. 

Labor groups are planning their own so called “Make Them Pay” rallies for the official tax day, Monday.