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IRS Issues Reminder About Email Scams


Thousands of Coloradans will be rushing to get their tax returns into the mail on Monday. The busy tax season is also yielding a new crop of email scams, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

One type of email scam says the taxpayer left out required information from their return and requests them to click on a link and submit it. Another indicates that the IRS has initiated a tax audit and it revealed that the taxpayer is entitled to stimulus funds.

“Stop what you’re doing,” says Karen Connelly, spokesperson for the IRS. “Contact who you believe is trying to contact you… and ask us, ‘Hey are you really trying to get this information from me?’”

Connelly says the IRS does not establish initial contact with taxpayers via email. It’s always through snail mail. She says suspicious emails should be reported to IRS.gov.

Monday’s tax deadline comes three days later than usual because of a federal holiday in Washington DC.