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Colorado to Participate in National Drug Take Back Event

Photo courtesey of the Federal Drug Enforcement Administraion

More than 100 local law enforcement agencies across Colorado are partnering with the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, or DEA, for a second drug take-back day.

Each year millions of prescription pain killers go unused and either end up sitting in medicine cabinets, thrown away or flushed – which all pose risks to health or the environment.  The Colorado attorney general’s office says prescription drug abuse is one of the fastest growing problems in the state. 

The main issue with just tossing them in the trash is they can still be easily accessed by kids or by drug offenders who go through trash,” says attorney general Spokesman Mike Saccone, “if you flush them those chemicals, while helpful to humans, are not the best things to have floating around in your water supply.”

Through drug take-back events, sites are set up throughout the state for people to get rid of unused medication. 

This day, April 30th, will provide Coloradans with an easy chance to go to their local police station or sheriff’s office, drop off these drugs and have them properly disposed of,” says Saccone.

Officials with the DEA says while many of the drugs given back at such events may be controlled substances,  such as Vicodin or Oxycontin, any kind of medication can be dropped off this Saturday including antibiotics and even over-the-counter medications. 

Sites will be set up throughout the state including Fort Collins Police Services, Colorado State University, Loveland Police Department and other sites in Larimer County.  Other sites can be found at: http://www.dea.gov