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Robert Conley Remembers His Time On All Things Considered


It's the radio so you can't see us, but some of us are wearing party hats and fancy T-shirts. That's because it's the 40th birthday of this program. And to celebrate our history, we've asked the former hosts of ALL THINGS CONSIDERED to share their memories.

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Mr. ROBERT CONLEY (Former Host, "ALL THINGS CONSIDERED"): From National Public Radio in Washington, I'm Robert Conley with ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.

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Mr. CONLEY: Is that me?

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Mr. CONLEY: We started ALL THINGS CONSIDERED almost a year to the day after the terrible anti-Vietnam protests at Kent State University in Ohio, where the National Guard fired live ammunition and killed four of the students. You may remember the iconic photograph of the girl on her knees with both arms raised in the air. We found her in Miami. Let her tell her own story. And from that point on, she recovered from the horrible trauma she had been living with.

Thanks. This is Robert Conley. You're listening to ALL THINGS CONSIDERED on NPR News. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.