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Boulder Residents Asked to Weigh in on Energy Future

City of Boulder

Boulder’s Energy Future Project is asking residents to weigh in on the how the city will get its power in the coming years. 

A “Know Your Power” forum will be held this week, at which residents can learn about several options for future energy use.  Sarah Huntley is a spokeswoman for the City of Boulder.  She says this comes after the Boulder City Council, last year, decided not to sign a new 20-year agreement with Xcel Energy.

“This gave us some time to take a look at what options might be available in terms of signing a new agreement with Xcel, or forming a local power company of our own or something in between these two options,” says Huntley, adding, In a lot of ways this is a historic time for Boulder. The opportunity to look at how we get our energy, where we get it from and what it’s made up from is really pretty unique.”

Speakers at Thursday’s forum include someone from Xcel energy and former director of the Governor’s Energy Office, Tom Plant.  The public will get a chance to weigh in at this forum as well as one later in the month.  The city council is expected to finalize the ballot language by mid-august, voters will decide on the plan in November. 

Anyone seeking more information about the Energy Future Project can visit:  www.BoulderEnergyFuture.com.

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