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'Cars 2' Uses 3D Better Than Most Live Action Films


Kenneth Turan has this review.

KENNETH TURAN: "Cars 2" is a movie that loves autos and doesn't care who knows it. The new film is a "Bourne Identity" type thriller, complete with secret weapons, sinister villains, and a dashing secret agent voiced by Michael Caine.


LARRY THE CABLE GUY: (as Mater) Hey, I know you. You're that fellow from the Karate demonstration.

MICHAEL CAINE: (as Fin McMissle) I never properly introduced myself. Fin McMissle, British intelligence.

THE CABLE GUY: (as Mater) To-Mater, average intelligence.

TURAN: Yes, that's our old friend, Mater, the unsophisticated tow truck with a heart of gold. He's overseas now, helping his best pal Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, compete in the World Grand Prix. Lightning's toughest competition is the arrogant Italian Formula One car, Francesco Bernoulli, hilariously voiced by John Turturro.


JOHN TURTURRO: (as Francesco Bernoulli) Oh, Lightning McQueen, buenos sera.

OWEN WILSON: (as Lightning McQueen) Nice to meet you, Francesco.

TURTUTTO: (as Francesco Bernoulli) Nice to meet you, too. You are very good looking. Not as good as I thought, but you're good.

THE CABLE GUY: (as Mater) Excuse me, can I get a picture with you?

TURTURRO: (as Francesco Bernoulli) Ah, anything for a McQueen friend.

THE CABLE GUY: (as Mater) Ms. Sally is going to flip when she sees this.

WILSON: (as Lightning McQueen) Ugh.

THE CABLE GUY: (as Mater) She's Lightning McQueen's girlfriend.

TURTURRO: (as Francesco Bernoulli) Ooh.

THE CABLE GUY: (as Mater) She's a big fan of yours.

TURTURRO: (as Francesco Bernoulli) Hey, she has a good taste.

THE CABLE GUY: (as Mater) She goes on and on about your open wheels here.

TURTURRO: (as Francesco Bernoulli) Francesco is familiar with this reaction to Francesco. Women respect a car that has nothing to hide.

TURAN: "Cars 2" is so close to the heart of John Lasseter that he carved out time, from being the creative czar of both Pixar and Disney animation, to direct it himself. It's got engaging characters, an energetic plot, and a smooth and easy sensibility. These cars have become like family to Lasseter, as well as each other, and they never fail to make us smile.

MONTAGNE: I'm Renee Montagne.



And I'm Steve Inskeep. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Kenneth Turan is the film critic for the Los Angeles Times and NPR's Morning Edition, as well as the director of the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes. He has been a staff writer for the Washington Post and TV Guide, and served as the Times' book review editor.