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Letters: 'The Tree Of Life'


Quickly now for a moment to your thoughts on "The Tree of Life" - the movie, that is. We talked with a theater manager yesterday about how "The Tree of Life" has polarized his patrons. Either they love it, or they are left baffled and angry. Some have walked out and even asked for their money back.

SIEGEL: I was horrified and dismayed to learn that people are walking out of "The Tree of Life." I believe it is a masterpiece, perhaps a little long, but I enjoyed every gorgeous frame and feel sorry for the people who walked out because they missed something really special.

SIEGEL: It takes more than pretty pictures and unusual narrative structures to make a meaningful film.

: And Jim Polichak(ph) of Selden, New York, was reminded of time he walked out in the middle of "Forrest Gump." He writes: It wasn't my fault, but I did it anyway. I had seen the movie before and had loved it. I loved it so much that I talked the love of my life into going to see it with me. She's the one who walked out. I followed her. Her comment while walking out was: All that moron does is run.

SIEGEL: Well, stupid is as stupid does. Please, keep your letters coming. You can write to us by visiting Click on Contact Us. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.