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Your Letters: Casey Anthony; The 10-Millionth Mile


Felicia Galvan Adams writes: The jury made the correct decision based on the evidence presented to them, but justice for a dead child was not served.

SIMON: Last week, we brought you a story about a 22-year-old American prom queen-turned-foster mom, Katie Davis. She now cares for 13 young girls in Uganda.

KATIE DAVIS: People definitely ask me why so many. I don't know. These are the children that God brought to my door. Knowing that there's nowhere else for them to go, I don't find myself capable of sending them away.

SIMON: But Benjamin Fisher says: It's unfair to put her on a pedestal for performing a role that would go completely unnoticed if it were done by a Ugandan. And more importantly, has she thought about the consequences for the children she's caring for if she decides to go back to the United States?

DAVIS: Last week, we spoke with Thomas Stuker, who was on his way to amassing a total of 10 million frequent flyer miles on United Airlines. Those are actual miles flown, he's quick to point out. He says flying is a passion.

THOMAS STUKER: I just love travel. I mean, for a person who 25 years ago was scared to death of flying. I couldn't get on an aircraft, it really bothered me. But now it's evolved to a time where if I go a week without a flight. I just feel something is not right. You know?

DAVIS: That prompted Gregory Slater to write on our web site: What's his carbon footprint?

SIMON: Finally, a few responses about last Saturday's profile of the late musician Peter Tosh, who was one of the founding members of the Wailers - made famous by Bob Marley.

DAVIS: Evan Friedell writes: Tosh was an incredible singer with a unique, emotional baritone that demanded attention. Although his career was overshadowed by Marley's, his talent and capabilities were on the same high level.

SIMON: And Leonard Riddick says: Peter Tosh, a true roots man, long live.


PETER TOSH: (Singing) ) Where you gonna run, all of that day...

SIMON: This is NPR News. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.