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2011 CSAP Results ‘Stable,’ but Not Showing Aggregate Growth

Poudre School District

The Colorado Department of Education released Colorado Student Assessment Program results today. Some of the greatest gains for students came in the area of writing, but overall statewide numbers were flat.Writing results showed an increase in the percentage of students proficient or advanced in six grades. 8th graders were the only group that had a decline. Meantime, reading scores declined slightly for all grades except third. Math scores for students proficient or advanced rose slightly in six grades, while science scores remained largely the same.


“Right now I would say that the state is stable, fixed… we don’t have growth in terms of an aggregate,” said Jo O'Brien, Assistant Commissioner of Standards and Assessment at the Colorado Department of Education. She says at the statewide level there were not huge gains.

“But in school districts, depending on your zip code, depending on where you are in what districts have been making some significant reform change, you did see some very good response,” she said.

Among the standout districts highlighted for performance by the Colorado Department of Education on Wednesday were Roaring Fork, Durango, Jefferson County and Adams 12 Five Star Schools.

Meantime, results for many of the state’s largest online schools show the group is still lagging behind its brick and mortar counterparts. GOAL Academy and Hope Co-op Online Learning Academy reduced the number of students with unsatisfactory scores in writing and math for most grades. But the number of students at these schools with unsatisfactory scores is still well above statewide averages in those subjects.

This is the last time the state will be releasing CSAP test results. This coming year, students will take the so-called Transitional Colorado Assessment Program. And in 2014 students will see a different test aimed at realigning the state with new educational standards.