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Your Letters: Women In The Coast Guard


Time now for Your Letters.



LYDEN: And today we're going to begin by getting last week's show in ship shape. First off, our story on women in the Coast Guard. While a number of you wrote in praise of our reporting on the first woman to run a U.S. military academy, most wrote in about this line in the piece.

MARK HERZ: Of course, the Coast Guard isn't a combat force. Its missions run the gamut from illegal migrant interdiction and oil spill cleanup, to port security and search and rescue.

LYDEN: Boy, did that get people to hop on their Kenbak-1s, Xerox Altos, their Altair's and Commodore PETs, and yes, their Apple IIs. Well, not really - they probably used more up-to-date computers. But according to the Computer History Museum, those are just some of the PCs that did beat IBM to market. No matter what kind of computer you use you can always reach us at our website, npr.org. Just click on the link that says Contact Us. You can also find us on Facebook @ nprweekend. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.