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The Muppets: Still Pulling Strings In The Music World

Muppets: The Green Album is an all-star tribute to the titular characters, featuring 12 classic Muppet songs reinterpreted by contemporary artists. One of them is Andrew Bird, who contributes a cover of Kermit the Frog's signature song, "Bein' Green." Bird says the meaning of the lyrics has evolved for him as he has grown older.

"When you're little, you just hear the first couple lines and you get the sentiment. But when you get into the whole song, you kind of realize what a psychologically complicated song it is," Bird says.

The Muppets have always managed to appeal to both kids and adults. Damian Kulash, whose band OK GO kicks off the album with a spacey rendition of the Muppet Show theme song, says it's hard to imagine the Muppets ever running out of fans.

"How many things can you think of that are just unassailably cool?" Kulash says. "Is there anybody who dislikes the Muppets? I mean, they're hilarious and they're wise and they're warm and they're buffoons ... They're amazing."

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