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Larimer County Food Bank to Unveil New Loveland Pantry

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The Food Bank for Larimer County is hosting an opening house later today at its newly built Loveland pantry.

The Fort Collins-based food bank began offering fresh fruits, vegetables and other products at a second Loveland location in 2006. About 1,000 people per month were taking advantage of the pantry early on. But that number has now grown to about 4,000.

“We knew that our numbers would double, but no one could have expected the kind of increase we’ve experienced since the recession started,” says Amy Pezzani, executive director for the Food Bank of Larimer County.

Pezzani says the economic downturn played a large role in that increase. Even today, she says demand for food is still strong, adding that 50 percent of the Food Bank’s clients across Larimer County are either senior citizens or children. The new Loveland location is five times the size of the former facility.

To learn more about the open house, click here.