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Your Letters: A Shower Of Money In San Diego


Time for your letters.


SIMON: Plenty of listeners cried foul after my conversation with Tom Goldman last week. He related the story of a food server at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego who accidentally dropped all the money she'd made that day. About a thousand dollars fluttered into the grandstands.

TOM GOLDMAN: And the people in her section shouted to those below, they said: That was the server's money. So a bunch of these fans chipped in and collected every last dollar. This woman is a mother of four and a full-time student. She was awed by this.

SIMON: Aw. And lucky she wasn't at Yankee Stadium.

SIMON: Many comments about John Ydstie's story looking at why the salaries for men in the United States, adjusted for inflation, are lower than their earnings in 1973.

JOHN YDSTIE: I'm afraid we have a lost generation out there of young people who aren't well prepared, who can't find work and they're never going to realize the American dream.

SIMON: Boyd Ingalls of St. Louis writes: I've continued my studies past graduation and am working towards a new license. I am 52 years old. My wages are currently at the median. There must be a whole bunch of us out there. We are dying to know why we aren't earning more.


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