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Larimer County Considering Fireworks Ban

bayasaa/ Creative Commons

One week after Boulder County banned fireworks in unincorporated areas, Larimer County Commissioners are considering a similar measure due to fire danger.

According to the Coloradoan, county commissioners will consider extending restrictions on fire use this coming Monday. One exception would be professionally produced fireworks shows.

The Coloradoan reports a ban could be devastating to local businesses. Pete Sakala who runs a fireworks stand told the newspaper:

I don’t think they realize how much money they are talking about and how many young adults aren’t going to have any summer money with all this stuff shut down.


Earlier this month, the Loveland-Reporter Herald wrote as many as 14 businesses could be affected by a county ban. Loveland City Council is also considering a measure that would limit fireworks.

Larimer County is still recovering from a dry spring. The recent Hewlett Fire northwest of Fort Collins scorched 7,685 acres. KUNC reported yesterday about 1,000 acres were burned so badly the ground is unable to absorb rain water.

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