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Top Stories: Egyptian 'Coup' Protested; Nerve Gas Suspect Arrested In Tokyo

It's Friday, and here are some of the stories we're watching:

Egypt's 'Smooth Military Coup' Protested.

Last Suspect In 1995 Sarin Attack Arrested In Tokyo.

Forest Boy Is A Hoax, Police Say.

Prosecutors Rest Their Case In Sandusky Sex Assaults Trial. ( Philadelphia Inquirer)

Britain Proposes Expanding Individual Data Tracking, Critics Slam Its Intrusiveness. ( Telegraph)

Democracy Activist Aung San Suu Kyi Falls Ill Briefly, Resumes European Tour. ( Reuters)

Spain's Debt Rises Sharply In The First Quarter, Up 30 Percentage Points Since 2008. ( Wall Street Journal)

International Criminal Court Swears In Gambian Lawyer As Top Prosecutor, First Woman To Hold Position. ( CNN)

China To Launch First Female Astronaut Into Space Tomorrow. ( AP)

Tropical Storm Carlotta Poised To Become Hurricane Off Mexico's Pacific Coast. ( AP)

In Sports: Tiger Tied For Second, Miami Ties Up NBA Finals.

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.