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Top Stories: Egypt's Fragile Democracy; Will Sandusky Testify?

Happy Wednesday! We're following these stories today:

Will Egypt's Generals Use News About Mubarek to Further Delay Democracy?

If Sandusky's Going To Testify, Today's The Day.

House Committee Poised To Hold Attorney General In Contempt Over Gun Program. ( Bloomberg)

Alleged Al Qaida Militant Takes Hostages Inside French Bank. ( French-24)

Complicated Extradition Case Against WikiLeaks Founder Assange, Now In Ecuador Embassy In Britain. ( Guardian)

Greek Parties Reportedly Reach Agreement To Form New Government. ( AP)

First Day Of Summer May Set Heat Records. ( USA Today)

Tropical Storm Chris Forms In Northern Atlantic, Poses No Threat To Land. ( NWS)

Thousands Evacuated From Nashville's Opryland Hotel After Gas Explosion; No One Hurt. ( WSMV)

Miami Heat Defeat Oklahoma City Thunder In Game 4 Of NBA Finals - Heat Poised To Win Series. ( Sports Illustrated)

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.