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Top Stories: June Jobs Report, Syrian General Defects

Happy Friday! We're following these stories today:

After May's 'Lousy' News, Will June's Jobs Report Be Much Better?

Syrian General Defects, Heads To France As Assad's Opponents Meet There.

Justice For Argentina's 'Stolen Children'; 2 Dictators Convicted.

Britain Arrests 7 In Fourth Terrorism Raid This Week. ( ABC)

UN Accuses Militants In Mali Of Brutalizing Children. ( AFP)

Catastrophic Waldo Fire In Colorado 95 Percent Contained. ( Denver Post)

Tropical Storm Daniel Is In The Pacific Ocean And Rushing Away From Land. ( NHC)

2012 Running Of The Bulls Kicks Off In Spain. ( Huffington Post)

Family Selling 1928 Lou Gehrig Home Run Baseball To Pay Debt. ( ESPN)

Police Followed Trail Of Potato Chips To Locate Burglary Suspect. ( AP)

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.