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They’re Ba-ck… More Mosquitoes Testing Positive For West Nile Virus

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Colorado’s three confirmed cases of West Nile Virus are trailing hard-hit areas like Texas—which has seen more than 300. But local health officials are still warning there are risks.

Weld County confirmed its first human case yesterday. Further west in Larimer County, the Department of Health and the Environment’s Jane Viste says the area will likely see a rise in infections before the season is over.

“So this is the time that you have to be vigilant about protecting yourself against being bitten by mosquitoes with either repellent or cover yourself so your body isn’t exposed to mosquito bites,” she says.

Other steps include draining standing water and keeping window screens repaired. Click here for a full list.

Viste says Larimer County hasn’t yet seen a human case, but mosquitoes have tested positive for the virus.

Meantime in Dallas, officials are dealing with a West Nile Virus epidemic. It’s affected at least 230 county residents and killed 10 of those.

On Thursday night, Dallas officials started an aerial assault. According to the Associated Press, it’s the first time the county has sprayed aerially for mosquitoes in 45 years.

Nationwide, the country has seen almost 700 cases and 26 deaths.

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