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Top Stories: Armstrong Loses Drug Case; Tropical Storm Isaac's Path

Good morning - we're following these stories today:

Lance Armstrong's Seven Tour De France Titles Are Effectively Gone.

And here are more early stories:

Norwegian Mass Shooter Declared Sane, Jailed For 21 Years. ( CNN)

'Poorly Organized' Tropical Storm Isaac Rumbles Over Hispaniola, Aims For Gulf. ( National Hurricane Center)

Romney May Be Nominated Two Days Early At GOP Convention. ( Politico)

Washington State Police Arrest Former U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker For Hit-And-Run And DUI. ( KXLY)

Lightning Sparks New Western Fires As Crews Struggle To Contain Existing Blazes. ( UPI)

Pakistan Says U.S. Missiles Kill Several Militants Near Afghan Border. ( AP)

New Talks Today Between Iran And U.N.'s Nuclear Agency. ( Radio Free Europe)

Murdoch-Owned British Paper Publishes Nude Photos Of Prince Harry In Vegas. ( Reuters)

South African Hippo Dies Before Rescue From Lodge Swimming Pool. ( BBC)

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.