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New Plan To Save The Euro: Sell T-Shirts!

Via what appears to be France's answer to Kickstarter:

We think that the European Union (EU) is the first real concrete experiment that tries to connect 500 million people. We also think that the EU has lots of problem to communicate. It is quite normal, when you try to put 27 different countries around a table and speak with one voice. Just imagine when you put 27 of your own friends in the same room, trying to decide where to go for dinner.

So we decided to make something different and communicate without languages and words and translations. We wanted to just have nice-looking designs and images.

In other words: They're selling t-shirts commemorating, among other things, a former French foreign minister (who was really into the idea of a European Union) and a treaty (that created the euro).

And they have a video to prove it.

Hat tip: Real Time Brussels

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