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Top Stories: Similar Foreign Policy Views At Presidential Debate; World Series Set

Good Tuesday morning - here are our early stories:

Debate Takeaway: Little Daylight Between Obama, Romney.

Giants Beat Cardinals, Head To World Series.

And here are other early headlines:

In The Caribbean, Tropical Storm Sandy Barrels North Toward U-S. ()

First Sentencing In FAMU Hazing Case Death. ( Orlando Sentinel)

FDA Says Suspect Compounding Pharmacy Sent Other Injectible Medications To Hundreds Of Other Facilities. ( Washington Post)

Fighting Calms In Beirut Following Protests Over Lebanese Official's Assassination. ( AP)

British Lawmakers Question BBC's Investigation Into Late Children's TV Host Accused Of Sexual Abuse. ( CNN)

Convicted Papal Butler Alleges Mistreatment In Vatican Jail. ( Reuters)

Lance Armstrong Deletes Tour De France Titles From Twitter Account. ( Telegraph)

Convicted Pussy Riot Band Members Sent To Harsh, Remote Prison Camps. ( Guardian)

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.