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How Big Of An NPR Fan Are You? Find Out With The Robert Sieg-O-Meter

This year has given us many great NPR moments, and our devoted fans (that's you!) not only came along for the ride, but were an important part of the conversation.

So before you flip to your 2013 NPR Wall Calendar, use our checklist to look back at some public radio highlights from 2012 and see where your NPR fandom ranks on , named for the oh-so-distinguished journalist and our All Things Considered host Robert Siegel.

The Robert Sieg-O-Meter

So how'd you fare? Tally your checks to see where your NPR fandom ranks on The Robert Sieg-O-Meter, below. Let us know how you did - we're @NPR and on Facebook at the This is NPR page.

The Casual Fan(1-3 checks)

Don't fret, Casual Fan. Just reading this blog post has already put you on the map of public radio love. Whether you tune in on your morning commute or browse your favorite stories on NPR.org, you're already a fan, and we applaud your support.

The Curious Fan(4-6 checks)

As a Curious Fan, you're still wanting to hear more. Maybe you've downloaded the NPR iPhone app or perhaps you dedicate uninterrupted time each week for your favorite NPR podcast. Or maybe you just proudly clutch your Nina Totin' Bag around town. Whatever it is that keeps your NPR curiosity alive, we totesapprove.

The Champion Fan(7+ checks)

Ah, the Champion Fan. Consider yourself a certified NPR cheerleader. Or perhaps public radio nerd better suits your style? However you name it, you're likely first in line to scoop up Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! tickets because the first seven shows you saw still hasn't satisfied your need for more Carl Kasell. Likely, your Thanksgiving meal isn't complete with a hearty helping of Mama Stamberg's cranberry relish. And you can't help but keep the conversation going online after hearing your news first on an NPR Member Station. However it is you show, wear or share your NPR love, we relish your support, Champion.

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Megan Johnson