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Six Weeks Post-Flood, Lyons Residents Finally Return

Grace Hood
Spirit Hound Distillers Co-Founder Craig Englehorn surveys damage behind his East Lyons business on September 30, 2013 .

About 1,000 residents displaced by flooding in Lyons can move back into their homes starting Saturday. That’s after the floods shredded essential water and sewer pipes — which then became contaminated with E. coli bacteria.

“So far we have found that the bacteria infiltration was not system wide but only in certain areas,” said Lyons Mayor Julie Van Domelen.

In terms of repairs, they are taking a neighborhood by neighborhood approach.

“So the neighborhoods we’re bringing back online in the northern part of town are up out of the flood plain and received less physical damage,” Van Domelen said.

The hardest hit areas of town, those found near the confluence of the North St. Vrain and South St. Vrain on the west side, are the focus of work now.

Credit Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon / NASA Earth Observatory
NASA Earth Observatory
Satellite image of Lyons captured by NASA’s Earth Observing satellite, Sept. 26, 2013.

Many Lyons businesses are also opening their doors starting Saturday after being shut down by the flood.

National Guard checkpoints will be lifted during the day, but there will still be checkpoints at night. Lyons will also step up its patrols in those neighborhoods not yet resettled to ensure no looting happens.

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