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Larimer County Faces Millions in Private Road Repairs

Grace Hood
County Manager Linda Hoffman addresses the crowd during a press conference.

Larimer County officials have repaired 45 bridges and reopened 30 miles of temporary roadway following September’s flooding. But there’s a growing concern about fixing some private roads damaged by floodwaters.

County officials explained Friday that the big question right now is how it will pay to fix about 21 miles of private roads.

“The county isn’t proposing to repair private roads unless our only access to the public road section, we have to drive on a private road to get there,” said County Manager Linda Hoffman.

With an estimated price tag between $3 to $5 million, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has already rejected an appeal from county officials for funding. Caught in the middle are residents like Dave Link. He has a secondary residence near Glen Haven.

"...nobody has the money to pay for the road. So everyone's looking at everyone else."

“I think people are worried that they need to get up there,” said Link. “But nobody has the money to pay for the road. So everyone’s looking at everyone else.”

The county says it will appeal the FEMA ruling. The issue is not unique to Larimer County. Boulder County is also dealing with the issue of how to pay for severely damaged high profile private roads. The flood has also changed the minds of more rural Boulder County residents, leading to a surge in annexation inquiries.

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